Starr Corbin

Corbin Solutions was founded by Starr Corbin, a technology and military veteran who wanted to bring her expertise in delivering technology projects and due diligence to clients so they could experience operational efficiency.

Starr Corbin is an innovative technology executive and agile project management expert. She has extensive experience directing organizational and technological transformation for both government and commercial enterprises. The experience that she has gained grants her insight into the different complexities each organization presents and drives her to approach every client engagement with the utmost attention to detail.

Starr has helped many organizations advance from vision to strategy, and finally, successful execution. Her client testimonials display the quality of the results clients have gained from working with her. Starr brings clarity, simplicity, and direction to what may otherwise be viewed as overly complicated and difficult digital transformation initiatives.

Starr Corbin Headshot

“Starr and [Corbin Solutions] are the best! 5 Stars without a doubt!”
CEO, Bostick Global Strategies
Former Chief of Engineers, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers