Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) provides access to a wide portfolio of project management skills that companies and organizations can utilize without having a full-time staffed project manager. 

Experienced, agile tech managers that can help plan digital strategies across various platforms in order to integrate people, processes, and technology.”

PMaaS with Corbin Solutions offers the advantages of program and project management made available in alignment with your demand schedule. Our service is scalable to your needs, from a single project manager for a few days to a large team of fully utilized project professionals. 

There are many ways to use PMaaS and it can take many different forms. Organizations use PMaaS to establish critical new frameworks, map a project that is beyond their current capability, gain more cost transparency in project management procedures, or build maturity and establish healthy procedures in their own project management team.

Corbin Solutions PMaaS Provides Technology Expertise

Project Management Training and Advisory

Apply a new process, framework, or organizational model effectively into your organization. Ensure that your programs are built to be as powerful and productive as possible.

Technology Vendor Management

Guarantee that your sourcing and procurement of technology is established with a fair share of risk for your organization and the vendor. This valuable supervision for technology vendor management that Corbin Solutions provides mitigates the potential unforeseen risks when entering into new contracts.

Increase Organizational Capability

Improve project delivery across teams and even departments. Corbin Solutions can assess your needs, develop a customized plan of action, and implement that plan to enhance operational performance.

Project Management Office (PMO) Services

Focus on your organization’s core competencies and leverage the flexibility that PMaaS provides by outsourcing PMO responsibilities.

Areas of Management Expertise:

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • IT and Infrastructure
  • Cloud Migration
  • Prototype Development
  • Software/Application Development

How Can Corbin Solutions PMaaS Improve Your Organization?

Read more about how Corbin Solutions PMaaS can increase productivity and organizational efficiency.

Why PMaaS?